Sunday, November 7, 2010

Collectd - Frontent & performance modifications

Been using collectd a fair while now, one of the largest drawbacks of it the lack of a good frontend.

I recently found Collectd Graph Panel (CGP) which is by far the best frontend I've used for it yet (oddly enough the handiest to setup also!)

It doesn't seem to be under overly active development, but lot of it works, and support for more plugins is getting added to the git repository (which I'd suggest using as opposed to the 0.3 release).

Another modification to collectd I made recently was moving from using the rrd plugin to the rrdcached plugin, which lets the rrdcached service handle the rrd data.
Caching seems to be done better using this service as opposed to within collectd.

By default rrd storage location is different, so to migrate just rsync (assuming defaults) from /var/lib/collectd/ to /var/lib/rrdcached/db/collectd/ and restart collectd (after disabling rrd plugin & enabling rrdcached plugin).

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