Saturday, September 25, 2010

Time to complete move to low-power

Finally, ASUS release an ION2 version of their previous boards I've been so pleased with.
AT510NT-I, Fanless Dual-Core 1.8Ghz.

Reckon I'll be upgrading to this fairly soon, and finally put down my ageing Dell Dimension C521 (Current media centre).
A couple problems with my current HTPC setup:

  • Highish power use, for what it's doing
  • Requires separate nVidia graphics card to do VDPAU
  • Both system & GPU have a fan, latter generating quite a bit of noise a times. 

As my HTPC uses XBMC for displaying of directories/files, and then launches mplayer (using VDPAU) for playback, it means there is minimal CPU use; XBMC uses OpenGL for a lot of things, and is quite heavy in that respect.
MPlayer will only use 2-5% CPU when using VDPAU, and ION2 means that VDPAU will also decode Xvid - I'll be very happy with with the above board I believe.

Not yet fully decided on what the new config will be, but I reckon very similar to the first mini-itx box I built using Antec's ISK-300-65

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