Friday, June 25, 2010

New File Server

Finally bought it, it's now sync'ing over files from previous beast.

In the end went with:
  • Lian Li PC-Q08 (
  • 2TB Samsung F3 EcoGreen (
  • 32GB SSD, OCZ Vertex (
  • Nexus Value-430, 430W PSU (
  • Noctua NF-P14 & NF-S12B; 140 & 120mm case fans (
  • Asus AT3IONT-I Fanless & 2x2GB (
  • Startech eSATA & USB 3.5/2.5" Dock (Amazon)
  • 2x2TB Samsung F3 EcoGreen (
Initially went for only one 2TB disk, then got other two later.
Only thing left to get is a PCIe SATA controller (non-RAID). Looking to find one with 4 Internal ports, and one External, however will probably settle for 4 Internal & buy a faceplate with eSATA <-> SATA.

So far very impressed overall; there was more room to work within the case than I thought there would have been - though getting the PSU in, and working with the mass of cables is hellish.
Nice thing Lian Li did though was include a bracket to attack to PSU, which means can aim the extractor fan of the PSU towards the fanless motherboard, and pull more hot air away from it.

CPU seems to be running at about 48C, and the mainboard at 32C, but it's in a fairly small room with the large server beside it; and it has been transferring files for 19hours straight, so would expect some heat buildup.

Not had chance to take power readings yet; will update this & the previous thread once I get around to it; hoping for something fairly low though (so I can justify the cost to myself!)

I tested FreeNAS & Openfiler, and in the end just went for Debian Squeeze.
I couldn't get used to doing everything via web GUI.

WOL works too out of the box, so once I get all my stuff copied over, I'll be scripting shutdowns/wakeups & backups -- will post any particularly interesting scripts.

Last note, noise -- extremely impressed.
The sound of the disks is the loudest thing; and barely hear them. I have the case in the mini-server room (downstairs toilet converted) anyway, so unless actually in there, will never hear a thing.

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