Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Current Electricity Usage

Got loan of a kill-a-watt type meter.
Did most of the things around the house to get an idea of my usage:

Server, 2x 2Ghz Opteron, 8 disks
On Boot: 280W
Idle (with some reading/writing): 180W

New Atom-based server:
On boot: 28W
Idle: 26W

New Atom-based file server (3x2TB disks & 1x32G SSD)
On boot: 50-60W
Idle/streaming: 45W

Laptop (X61S):
With battery: 30W
Without battery: 20W

TV (Sony 40" W3000)
Standby: 25W
On: 90W

Amp (Sony STR-DA2400ES)
Standby: 40W
On: 60W

HTPC, AMD 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4400+, SSD, NVidia GT220, Software: XBMC
On-boot: 90W
Idle: 80W
Playing Video 70W

Sub woofer:

Wireless AP (Linksys 3300N): 9W
VOIP Basestation (Gigaset S685IP): 6W
Netgear 5-port gigabit switch (4 ports in use): 5W
DSL Gateway (bridging mode, Zyxel P660-1): 8W

Additional notes:
Nearly all devices used 5W just being plugged in (not in standby, purely plug being in socket)

The meter I used is fairly inaccurate, so the above is more to give myself a rough idea only.

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